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Haute Route, Switzerland

Haute Route, Switzerland

I have reached a point where there are just too many things I cannot do using the free site, so I have now moved to a self-hosted site. This will allow me to take advantage of some customizations and plugins that will improve blog and provide more content quicker. The only downside to this is that my posts will no longer show up in the Reader. I may repost on the site from time-to-time, but I would suggest that you subscribe to my new site, if you want to see more of my latest posts. I have several trips planned for this year, so you don’t want to miss out on the images from these places!


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Lac de Louvie-Haute Route, Switzerland

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Lac de Louvie-Haute Route, Switzerland

Making our way from Cabane Mont Fort on the Haute Route, a 100+ mile hike through the Swiss Alps, I turned back to find this magificent view.

Tuscany, Italy 2014

I have been slacking on blogging lately and this post is long overdue. If you read my previous post about the start of our Tuscan holiday you know it did not get off to a good start. While it was not one of my favorite trips that we have done, looking at the pictures now I can hardly complain. It was just wasn’t quite the active trip that I enjoy though.

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Our flight arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark

We eventually made our way to Bologna, Italy through a couple short layovers in Oslo and Copenhagen, albeit a day later than planned. We had originally planned to stay in Bologna the first night, so it wasn’t a huge loss skipping this night. Instead we now just headed to the place we would have stayed the second night in Florence. It turned out that one day in Florence was enough anyway.


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Our Italian Wheels-The Fiat 500

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Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

We ran into a bit of confusion getting this shot. We were hungry for dinner and the sun was setting. I didn’t know if it would get better from here, but if we waited too long the restaurants would fill up. I took this shot and then headed for some chow.
While the Cinque Terre is beautiful and picturesque, it is also a very crowded tourist trap. I was lined up with many others on a walkway to get this image. We only spent a day here hitting around 4 of the towns on the coast which was enough for me. I also lost our parking garage ticket for La Spezia so it was a stressful ride back on the train. I eventually had to pay for the whole day.

Snowy Day in PA

The snow has been falling all day here in PA. It is a wet, heavy snow that sticks to everything. It makes for nice images, but it also brings down wires and no power.
This is the remains of the old maintenance building of Lock Ridge Furnace.
iPhone 5s and color mods in SnapSeed.

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Candle in Window Stanley Idaho

This image was taken in the small chapel in Stanley, ID after a friends’ wedding. The Sawtooth Mountain range can be seen in the background.

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