Canon 7D “Cannot Communicate with this battery. Use This Battery?”

Sometime after returning from a recent photography workshop in West Virginia, I turned my 2 year old Canon on and was met with the following message “Cannot communicate with this battery. Use this battery?” with the options of OK or Cancel. I chose OK and the camera prompted me to set the date and time, which I did. The camera seemed to work ok as it warmed up, until I noticed that the battery level meter was not displaying anything. I was able to take images and everything worked as usual just I had no idea how much battery life was left. 

I left my camera sitting in the off position for a day or two and when I returned to turn it on, nothing was displayed. I put in a new Canon LP-E6 and went back through the date/time prompts again. I put the other battery in the charger and it showed that it was dead. I used to be able to leave a battery in the camera for months and it would not decrease in power level and now it won’t last a couple of days?!

I emailed and they eventually got back to me stating the following which is mostly likely copied right from the manual…

“You can check the battery’s condition on the LCD monitor.  A battery

Pack LP-E6 has a unique serial No., and you can register multiple battery
pack to the camera.  When you use this feature, you can chaeck the 
registered basttery pack’s remaining capacity and operation history.  This
information can be found on page 230 of your instruction manual.

If for some reason, communication with the battery is not successful, the
battery check display will show and empty battery icon on the LCD panel and 
in the viewfinder.  {Cannot communicate with battery} will be displayed.  Just
select {OK} and you can continue shooting.”

Yeah thanks alot…that is a big help. Basically saying tough luck and read your manual. I responded back to them that this was not an acceptable answer and that I wanted the issue fixed. They then replied back with information on sending it to their factory service center, which I did. 

Since the camera is now 2 years old it is out of warranty, but since this issue is fairly common based on a Google search, I would hope they will stand behind their product. If not I may reconsider purchasing another Canon product. Stay tuned.



5 thoughts on “Canon 7D “Cannot Communicate with this battery. Use This Battery?”

    • I ended up sending it back to the Canon factory service center to be fixed. They charged me $236 to fix the issue. I thought that was rip-off since it is obviously a product defect and not something I had caused. They should stand behind their product. If I didn’t have all these Canon lenses I would consider going to Nikon.

  1. Hi,
    I am facing the same problem.. If I continue shooting ( by compromising the battery info display) ignoring the warning message as described by the Canon will it going to create any problem in future?.. Will the battery drain fast…?. Pls suggest as per your experience…

    • I was able to keep shooting if I ignored the message. I just had no idea how much power I had left. It is a bit annoying when you have no idea what you left. I seem to remember it didn’t last as long as it previously did. I am not aware of any future issues. I didn’t have any since I ended getting it fixed. Good luck!

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