The Missing Lightroom Feature: Quick Caption Title Editing

One of the biggest oversights by Lightroom is ability to quickly caption/title images. Having to bounce over to the Metadata panel for each photo is very painful and slow. Also the lack of capability to copy your title text to caption(or vice versa) would also be an amazing enhancement as well. I cannot believe the product has gone this long without this capability.

I think Smugmug has done a great job of solving this issue with their caption/keywording tool.  You can quickly tab through all the photos in a gallery and caption and keyword them. It is so much quicker than going back and forth through the Metadata panel which tends to have a mind of its own sometimes.  I wish the Lightroom folks at Adobe would do us all a big favor and implement a feature like this to speed up our workflow even more. 

SmugMug Quick Caption/Keyword tool

If you agree that this would be a great feature to add to Lightroom, please support it and let them know by giving it a vote here:

Lightroom feature request – quick caption editing.


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