Tunnel View Sundown at Yosemite Valley


We cruised around the valley floor looking for a good meadow view of El Cap to get a good sunset shot. I didn’t find anything that knocked my socks off. We then just happened to make a left out of the Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and came across the Tunnel View parking lot.
The overlook at the lot was already starting to accumulate a few tripods setup in place and it was at least 2 hours until sunset. When I walked over to see the view I knew I had to shoot this view. It is a classic Ansel Adams shot, but what the heck.
I setup my little Slik Tripod and Canon EOS-M sporting my 10-22mm wide angle amongst the >$500 Gitzo’s and honking DSLRs to claim my spot. It would be a long 2 hours. My wife got out her Kindle and settled in for a good read.
The sun laid down with a direct hit on the falls. I thought El Cap would get lit up more, but it didn’t. I was pretty happy with the results. The black and white version seemed to catch my eye more than the color. The color had a weird gray foggy-ness in the deeper valley in front of Half Dome which bugged me. It was not as obvious on the black and white.


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