A Pop of Color

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

The coastal sea town of Vernazza located in the Cinque Terre region of Northwest Italy.

For todays’ Photography101 assignment theme, I am going break my plan to take all of my images in Lock Ridge Furnace Park today. It is a dark, rainy and cold day which is not leaving me too much motivation or time to get out today. I am sticking to my plan of taking all images with my iPhone 5s, but instead I am using an image from our recent trip to Italy.

This image was taken from a Cinque Terre(Italy) hiking trail which connects the towns of Monterosso to Vernazza. The image is a classic shot of Vernazza, but I had to stand on the top rail of a fence and hold the phone high above my head to clear the weeds that are in the foreground.
When I saw the assignment for today, this image definitely “popped” into my head(pun intended). The colors of the buildings definitely pop against the more subtle colors of the natural surroundings. All of the 5 main towns of the Cinque Terre seem to pop like this. While they are very beautiful, they are also very crowded and full of tourists. Spending a day here was enough for me.

Photo was taken with handheld iPhone 5s. Color adjustments done in Google SnapSeed iOS app.


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