Yuki Air Time

Yuki catching some air

I am breaking all my rules on this one. This image is a few years old, taken with my DSLR and is not taken in Lock Ridge Furnace Park. But, I could not resist using this one for the subject of “Moment“.

This image is of my dog, Yuki, which translates to snow in Japanese. We named him that because of his white fur, but we never realized that it would have a dual meaning. Yuki LOVES to play in the snow. He goes crazy in it, running all around and burying his head in it. I managed to capture this moment after a good snowstorm while he was airborne running around. I love this picture of him because it captures his energy and personality so well.



Maintenance Building-Lock Ridge Furnace Park

Arches – Maintenance Building-Lock Ridge Furnace Park

The Arch is a prominent method used in many different types of architecutre. In fact, the name is even found in the word architecture. It typically spans an open section of a wall and supports weight above it from its arching shape. Lock Ridge Furnance many sizes and shapes of arches in the architecture of its buildings. The maintenance building above provides a nice example and shows how this method can provide support to the structure for over a hundred years.

A Pop of Color

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

The coastal sea town of Vernazza located in the Cinque Terre region of Northwest Italy.

For todays’ Photography101 assignment theme, I am going break my plan to take all of my images in Lock Ridge Furnace Park today. It is a dark, rainy and cold day which is not leaving me too much motivation or time to get out today. I am sticking to my plan of taking all images with my iPhone 5s, but instead I am using an image from our recent trip to Italy.

This image was taken from a Cinque Terre(Italy) hiking trail which connects the towns of Monterosso to Vernazza. The image is a classic shot of Vernazza, but I had to stand on the top rail of a fence and hold the phone high above my head to clear the weeds that are in the foreground.
When I saw the assignment for today, this image definitely “popped” into my head(pun intended). The colors of the buildings definitely pop against the more subtle colors of the natural surroundings. All of the 5 main towns of the Cinque Terre seem to pop like this. While they are very beautiful, they are also very crowded and full of tourists. Spending a day here was enough for me.

Photo was taken with handheld iPhone 5s. Color adjustments done in Google SnapSeed iOS app.

Where is the trail?? #longrun #irt #run #bpsphoto #rrp

Saylor Park Kilns

Veins of Time


Black & white showing the concrete arches that used to hold the tracks for the cars that transported the ore to/from the furnace.
iPhone 5s hand-held and b&w adjustments in Google SnapSeed.

Yellow Hall of Fall


I was in awe this morning as walked down the path that was once the railroad line into Lock Ridge Furnace. The sun glowed through the remaining yellow leaves on the tree and then reflected off of the blanket of fallen leaves on the ground. It felt like I was in some grand hall.

iPhone 5s with color adjusted in SnapSeed.

The Natural World


Melting Snow on White Pine.
This image was a bit tricky to get. It was quite breezy out and the whispy bristles were flying up and down. I was hoping it would not catapult the snow off the branch. I managed to catch it, freehand, while the wind subsided and using the rapid fire shutter function on the iPhone.
I liked the combination of objects here from the natural world. The forms of water as snow, ice, and liquid along with the green bristles of the White Pine.

Taken with iPhone 5s camera app, freehand. Edited in Lightroom Mobile and Google SnapSeed.



This object sits alone in the bushes just away from the main structure of Lock Ridge Park. It is obviously a part of what was once used to extract the iron from the rock in the ground. As to where exactly it fits into that whole process has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I pass by this piece of oxidized steel often and try to imagine where exactly it was used over a hundred years ago.

iPhone 5s, cropped and color adjustments in SnapSeed app.

A bit of context…


Warmth: Melting Snow


I have been falling behind here lately due to less daylight and long work hours. With a day off today I took my iPhone and Gorillapod and headed to the Lock Ridge Park. We had a fresh coating of snow last night which worked nicely with a bright sun this morning. I was able to capture some melting snow in the bright sunlight which worked nicely for the subject of “Warmth”.

Photo taken on iPhone 5s with Camera App, secured on my trusty little Gorillapod, and colors adjusted in Google SnapSeed.